Who We Are

SEA MARINE SERVICES LIMITED is a fully Ghanaian owned Private Limited Liability Company incorporated, in April 2008, under the Companies Act, 1960 (Act 179).

We strongly believe that opportunities abound for us to succeed in our line of business especially since demands for our products and services are very high in Ghana, and other West African countries. Undoubtedly, the discovery and subsequent production of petroleum in Ghana have opened the market for the influx of expatriates who require transportation, offices, accommodation, petroleum products and other services that we provide.

Our long-term objective is to become: the leader in our line of business; and the most preferred service provider in Ghana and beyond. It is our belief that our hard-earned corporate reputation of integrity, professionalism, innovation, compliance with client needs, and our ability to provide credible and assured services will guide us in the realization of our vision as the market leader in our line of business.